Thursday, August 17, 2017

Wonderful Rustic Bathroom Vanity Plans

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Plans - Bathroom fixtures design has come a long way. From Victorian to a simple looks but sophisticated contemporary. Easy to say, over the years, we have seen the bathroom fixtures designs are growing rapidly. However, despite all these changes, there is one type of bathroom vanity designs that are still popular and durable all the time: rustic bathroom vanity.
Typically used as bathroom fixtures for country home and long cabins, rustic vanity offers unique elegance and quiet charm to the whole bathroom seating area. They come in different designs and styles, which can be used for all kinds of bathroom design, both contemporary and antique. Choosing a rustic vanity fitting for your home is very important because it serves as a focal point in your bathroom. Choose one according to the type of wood that matches the bathroom theme, design, piece, size, counter and sinks, finish and price.

There are several types of wood that can really capture the rustic look of the bathroom vanities such as cherry, mahogany and oak. When coated with a well-leaked wood, wood species can survive for a very long time. Finish is as important as the type of wood used for rustic vanity. So it protects wood from water damage and gives it rustic charm. Some vanities painted with complex designs, some sanded to the finish smoother; some simply applied with wood leakage to achieve a more natural finish. Choose the one that fits build your own bathroom vanity design.

Rustic vanity is made of wood but the sink and countertops are made from different materials. Ceramics, porcelain, metal, glass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and some materials used in vanity sink wood, granite, and other natural stone for vanity countertop. Again, no matter what type of material is used for vacuuming and drains, your rustic bathroom vanity plans must match your bathroom design.

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