Monday, July 31, 2017

Bathroom Counter Tray Accessories

Bathroom Counter Tray - How many modern women know what a counter tray is? It seems a little scary by including the only false words in it. The name came centuries ago because they hold goods that look like a normal woman's best. Thus, the whole society calls them to no avail. Since the discovery of pigeon and cupboard, these trays are less widely used.  Modern women may not be aware that decorating trays that carry their perfume is called counter tray.
Bathroom Counter Tray
Bathroom Counter Tray - by:
In recent years it has become part and decorative style. Its size ranges from a 12-inch core to nearly 24 inches. This can be in silver, gold, or painted designs. Some of them are metal, glass and other the most common type of this item is the bottom of the mirror. If you are looking for something more exclusive, there is a version that involves gems, crystal, glass, emeralds or diamonds. This falls into definite symbol. Bathroom Counter Tray is the perfect place to store your perfume bottle and turn it into its own decor. This is great for all the perfumes you get for Christmas or a birthday that you did not like. If you cannot return it then turn it to the bedrooms art.

One of the most popular Bathroom Counter Tray is to make your own using photo frame with your favorite photos. This can be easily done with normal wooden photo frames and two cabinet knobs. Find the right cabinet knobs to suit the fashion decor of a bin-made place. Attach a handle using the hardware that comes with them. If they do not come with screws then ask the local hardware the size you need. After you bind the handle, insert the images. This makes the original homemade gift.

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